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Bird Control

bird-control-dublin-from-total-pest-control-dublinAre birds nesting in your eaves or under the porch?
Are bird droppings causing an unsightly mess on the floor below?
Total Pest Control Dublin has a range of solutions to prevent pest birds becoming a nuisance .

Rodent Control

mice-control-rat-control-dublin-get-rid-of-mice-and-rats-total-pest-control-dublinDon't want to use poison to kill rats and mice?
Can't find how rats and mice are entering your property?
Total Pest Control Dublin specialize in finding the source of rodent entry using our state of the art equipment.

Insect Control

wasp-control-ant-control-dublin-get-rid-of-wasps-and-ants-total-pest-control-dublinWant to get rid of a wasps nest but not sure how?
Do ants keep coming back even after treatment?
Total Pest Control Dublin treat all flying and crawling insects problems, preparing a plan to suit each case.

Wildlife Management

wildlife-control-dublin-wildlife-management-dublin-get-rid-of-foxes-total-pest-control-dublinTotal Pest Control Dublin can carry out wildlife management in a professional, humane manner.
Frequent observation allows early detection of a potential problem and permits effective and economical control.


We Cover All of Dublin and Leinster

Total Pest Control are a Dun Laoghaire (Dublin) based company covering all areas in Leinster. We specialise in understanding your pest control needs and offer a fast response with discretion and efficiency.
Total Pest Control works to achieve postitive, cost efficient results. Our Pest extermination and cleaning technicians are used to working in high security and clean room environments. They are well trained, very thorough are fully certified.

Prevent Rat and Mice InfestationsPrevent Rat infestations

With the mild weather this autumn running into November its a good idea to rodent proof your home before its gets really cold.  The best way of preventing a rat or mouse problem is to keep them out of your house or business.  Some of the main access points for rodents are drains, poorly fitting doors, chimneys, areas around cables which are run into the house for electricity or telecoms.

Total Pest Control can come to your home or place of work and draw up a list of issues that should be fixed in order to better exclude rodents.

Typical solutions might include the following

1.  Seal cracks or gaps in the building structure (foundation to roof).
2.  Seal any openings for water, sewer or drain pipes
3.  Seal any opening greater that 1/4 inch
4.  Ensure all doors and windows fit tightly (if gnawing is a problem use a sheet metal cover)
5.  Use materials such as steel wool, sheet metal for plugging gaps as these are materials which the rat can't gnaw.
6.  Examine air vents to ensure they are in good repair

So prevention is better than cure and we can help ensure that your home is less attractive to pests.  But if Rats or Mice have already infested your home, call us now on 01 230 3580 and we'll be on site as soon as possible.


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