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Get rid of blocked drains - power jet service

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Get rid of blocked drains - power jet service

Jetset ImageAre your drains blocked?

What might seem like a build-up of autumnal foliage and weeks of heavy rainfall could actually be a combination of these and an undetected pest nest. Call 'Total Pest Control' today and avail of our new service - drain inspection, detection and pest eradication.

We are pleased to announce that we have just fitted out our compact and highly efficient service fleet with on-site, state-of-the-art 'Rioned UK LTD' high-tech sewer inspection and detection cameras and powerful jets. We purposely keep our team small so we can invest in the best equipment, technology and expertise and with this is mind this year we headed to the UK for an upgrade with leading experts Rioned UK and recently acquired Andy Guest Jetters LTD.

Here at Total Pest Control we strive to offer the best service and a broad range of preventative and emergency services; expanding and adapting to meet your 'out-of-the-blue' and everyday needs. Our services range from wasp nest removal to wildlife control and now we can venture down under and get to the root of any pest burrowing.

So if your drains appear to be blocked or you think there might be a pest infestation, give us a call and we can -

  • Inspect
  • Detect
  • Clean
  • Repair
  • Remove
  • Prevent further infestations and bigger problems.

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