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The Trouble with Wasps - Controlling Wasps

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Having trouble with Wasps in your Attic, Wasps in your Garage, Wasps nesting in your home. At Total Pest Control we have many years experience dealing with unwelcome Wasp Infestations and Wasp Nests. Total Pest Control Inset Control Services will eliminate your Wasp problems professionally and humanely.

Early Spring to late Autumn, is Wasp season. The Wasp Season has lengthened considerably due to Climate change. Wasp nests contain few wasps initially but numbers can grow significantly throughout the season and therefore eliminating the wasp nest early prevents bigger problems later in the Wasp season.

Wasps mainly feed on other Insects and can have a beneficial effect, but wasps do not make for pleasant guests in the home or in a place of business. Indeed some people can have a particularly bad reaction to Wasp stings. People are more likely to be stung by Wasps later in the Wasp season but Wasps can sting anytime during the season, so it’s best to safeguard your Family, Children and Staff members in a timely fashion, rather than waiting until the Wasp season closes.

Call or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. now for a no obligation chat if you think you may have an issue with Wasps nesting in your home or on your business premises. We could save you considerable nuisance if we tackle this now rather than later in the Wasp Season.


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