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Bug problem ? - Natural Methods of Insect Control

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Natural Pest Control in Ireland - 80% of bugs are good bugs !!!!

Beneficial insects such as Ladybirds, Preying Mantis will kill other insects whereas if you use chemical pesticides you'll kill all insects.  A way of attracting beneficial insects is to grow early flowering plants.

A plant such as lavender repels moths and fleas, both of which can be a major problem in Ireland.  Herbs like oregano can help repel beetles, while sage is good for repelling certain flying insects.

Garlic is a useful tool in the fight against detrimental insects. Place Garlic oil on the leave of plants that are getting munched and you may see little or no further damage.  Grow fresh garlic to repel snails, slugs, flies, aphids and beetles.

Fresh mint can help repel ants, fleas and rodents while attracting more beneficial insects such as bees.  It grows fast so either place it in containers or use it - too much mint is a good excuse for a jug of mojitos.

If it all gets too much and you have a wasp issue or a massive infestation of ants, call in Total Pest Control - we will remove your pest problem with a minimal environmental impact.


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