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Tips for Controlling Rats and Mice - Total Rodent Control

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Rat Control ServicesRats and Mice can be a real health hazard in the home or in your place of work.  Rodents can damage property, carry diseases and contaminate food with their faeces, urine and fur. Here are our Top Tips for controlling rats and mice in the home and workplace.

Keep external areas free from clutter and rubbish - when considering your rodent control and prevention, start from the outside of your property and then move into the house (or business).

Move inside - Cleanup inside the home, office, factory.  Keep floors clean, empty rubbish bins regularly and cover bins with lids.

Buy and place traps: You will need multiple traps and place them where rodents travel - along walls, close to any areas where the rodents have been noticed or where you find a lot of faeces.  Rats are smart and it may take a few days for them to not be wary of the traps.

One can also consider using rat poison to kill rats and mice. This is a less controlled process in that you never know where they will die.  Finding a rogue rodent corpse under floorboards or in wall cavities can be an absolute nightmare.

Block all the openings you can find which serve as entries for these rats and mice, this is not as easy as it sounds as rats and mice are smart when it comes to braking and entering but it is something that needs to be tackled - there is no point in making it easy for them to get in..

Keep looking out - even with all the pest control methods in the world, you will still find the odd rogue rodent, keep an eye out for faeces or any other sign of rats or mice.

Here's a final one to consider - get a cat - it really makes a difference and its green, something that more and more people are consious of.

If all else fails you can hire Total Pest Control and we will clean up the problem and help prevent any further issues.  Use our contact page or call us on 01 230 3580.


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