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Marcus and Max Total Pest ControlBut on the other hand, none of us want to live in the middle of an insect or rodent infestation.  We all know that if you see one rodent there are probably quite a few others you haven't seen.  If you see ants, then you can be sure that there will be a couple of days a year where they take to the air and become a very annoying problem.  Even if its something as benign as a moth infestation, its still unpleasant so we need to get rid of the problem without creating another problem (maybe even more serious).

Another problem is that repeated, continuous use of pesticides leads to the pests building up an immunity, rendering the pesticide useless and leading to stronger pesticides and more potential for danger to humans.

The industry is moving on and green / eco options are becoming more and more popular.  Its something that will be a unique selling point for certain suppliers as their public can be quite dscerning.  In the future it wiill be something that every pest control company does but for now you can be sure that Total Pest Control have a very strong ethical focus.

Because of that and as I'd like to keep my own birds of prey safe from secondary contamination, I have joined Think Wildlife, a UK based organisation which is focussed on higher standards at all levels of the food chain.  

Our commitment is to keep you and your family safe by providing ethical, low environmental impact products and services.


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