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Keeping the Workplace Safe

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Professional Extermination ServiicesThe management of pests is something we all need to deal with, some of us in the home, others in the workplace.  Any office or factory, retail outlet, school, hospital or other institution will need some level of control or awareness from a preventative perspective.

In certain industries it is a constant issue, food production, storage or restaurants, fast food outlets and in those cases a commercial pest control partner is essential. 

From reviewing premises prior to lease or purchase, to a regular assessment of your place of work, to putting in preventative measures and dealing with issues fast when they arise.

Having a safe environment for your employees, an environment that your customers and the health inspectors trust, is a real asset for any company and is something that Total Pest Control can help establish.  This helps increase the value of both your business and your business premises, which in this environment is an absolute must.

Total Pest Control have a very strong focus on customer care, our experienced staff are all highly trained and experienced in the prevention and extermination of pests.  Our operatives are supplied with high quality equipment to tackle problems immediately.

Remember prevention is better than cure so if you'd like an assessment of your premises now call us on 01 2303580 or 087 2054504.


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