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Keeping your Pets Safe and Eliminating Rodents - Pet Safety and Using Toxic Bait

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Getting rid of rats and mice using toxic baits is somewhat of a worry when you have pets.  Its also an issue with regard to wildlife.  You need to be very careful, not only of primary poisoning (i.e. the pet eating the bait) but also secondary poisoning (i.e. where a poisoned rodent is eaten by a pet or wildlife).  Mostly issues arise with primary poisoning but secondary poisoning is not unheard of.  Some baits are only available via professional pest control experts.  Where these toxic baits are being used, extra caution is needed to ensure the safety of other animals.  You need to ensure that no other animals are exposed to the bait or to any rodents that have died from the bait.

  • Do not handle bait or dead rodents with bare hands.
  • Keep pets away from bait and dead or dying rodents.
  • Get rid of dead rodents by burying them or by placing them in a plastic bag and putting them in a bin that can't be accessed by other animals
  • Ensure you read all instructions on the bait label and follow them to the letter.
  • Ensure bait is out of the reach of children, pets, domestic animals, and wildlife.
  • When storing bait, ensure that the storage container can't be opened by children and the contaner can't be damaged by a dog or cat.
  • Also when stoing bait, keep it well out of reach.
  • Label bait containers properly wiith a strong warning.

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