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Controlling Foxes in and Urban Environment

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Fox ControlHave you noticed in recent years the number of foxes now living in urban locations. I know myself that if out for a walk after dark, I am more likely to see a fox than a cat or dog.  Foxes are pretty harmless and will run away from humans, but don't corner one as it may bite.

It is now the time of year when vixens give birth to their cubs, around June, they'll emerge from the den for the first time to play in the grass, shrubs and flower beds !!  So although they are not dangerous, they are considered pests by some people, especially if you love your garden.  Pets such as cats and dogs are usually not harmed by foxes but smaller animals are at risk.

Do not use poison to try and get rid of foxes as it causes terrible pain to the fox, is considered cruelty and you could face a fine if caught.

If you feel you must get rid of foxes from your garden, give Total Pest Control a call and we'll use an effective repellant to control your fox problem.


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