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Weather-Environment Alert

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Hopefully the worst of the stormy weather, flooding and cold spells have passed as we enter into spring, but with dramatic, world-wide environmental changes occurring so too are local wildlife patterns changing.

In the pest control industry we know that many pests and rodents can be active all year round, but at Total Pestcontrol we nornmally see a higher number of rodent infestation call-outs in the months of October/November/Decemberdue to the wetter weather. However with all the heavy rain and with temperatures still hovering around the 1 degree mark we're seeing that rats and mice are still in search of warmer environments. The heavy rains are disturbing their underground lairs and drawing them out over ground as drains are filling up and getting blocked with debris.

At Total Pestcontrol our technicians are here to help!

We have specialist equipment for drain inspection, detection and clearing, we have a range of options for preventative measures and we can take immediate action if they have already entered your home.

If you have heard or seen any signs of pest or rodent infestation it is vital you act immediately. Apart from the 'icky' or even phobic sensations of having Rats or Mice scurrying around the house they can cause havoc chewing through wires, pipes and even woodwork in search of a warm nest, never mind the spread of disease and effects on human health.

To know more about rodents have a read of an earlier blog of ours or call us.


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