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Get rid of blocked drains – power jet service

Are your drains blocked? What might seem like a build-up of autumnal foliage and weeks of heavy rainfall could actually be a combination of these and an undetected pest nest. Call ‘Total Pest Control’ today and avail of our new service – drain inspection, detection and pest eradication. We are pleased to announce that we have […]

yellow and black bee on white snow

The Summer Invasion – Insects and More – Controlling Pests at Home

You have bought your dream home, you have a beautiful house and a great garden, you keep everything clean and tidy but you can still get a shock from some of the invaders we have in Ireland.  In recent days we have had the flying ant problem – particularly nasty in places this year – especially if […]

Giant 24 inch rat caught at Dublin home by Total Pest Control


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Happy New Year to you all!

Happy New Year to you all! It’s that time of year again where we got through all the excitement and busy-ness of the season and we must now look around, survey our land, our homes or our establishments and take stock of all the things that need to be done… New Year’s resolutions are often […]

Brown and White Land Animal

Mice and Rats – Unwelcome Winter Guests

Rodent Problems? – Some More Facts About Rats

As a pest control expert, my feelings on rats are mixed, they are destructive, the assist in the spreading of human pathogens (see table below), they cause food spoilage, and they cause damage to property, food and water supplies. For example if rats eat 5% of an amount of wheat, its possible for up to […]

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Keep Rats and Mice Out