Bird Control Services Dublin - Treament of Pigeons, Seagulls, Crows and Rooks

Total Pest Control Dublin has a range of solutions to prevent pest birds becoming a nuisance.
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Bird Control Overview

As one of Ireland’s leading bird control specialistsTotal Pest Control provides years of experience with a wide range of bird control services that will tackle any bird problem.
Pest birds, pigeons, seagulls, crows and rooks, for example, are not only a nuisance but also can be a danger to staff and the public, especially during nesting season when they can nest on buildings and rooftop plant machinery.
Total Pest Control has a range of solutions to solve any bird problem for instance we can implement a falconry response programme, a highly effective deterrent, prior to the start of the nesting season to deter birds from a nesting thus avoiding costly delays, bird mess and other associated problems.
When a falconry response programme is not appropriate Total Pest Control also provides other methods of bird control using proven methods such as netting, bird spiking, bird wires and audio deterrent which is the unobtrusive avishock system. We also have a fully certified marksman for bird shoots.
Every bird control situation that we are called to is carefully and thoroughly evaluated. We take into account the environmental and the social implications that will effect the implementation of a successful bird control programme.
At Total Pest Control we also believe that prevention is better than a cure. Prevention is not only cost effective but ensures that conflict with the birds does not occur.
All birds are protected even those often referred to as pest species such as pigeons, rooks, crows, gulls. Home and business owners have a legal responsibility to ensure any activities on their own property are carried out within the law.

Hear It from Our Clients

Fantastic, efficient service from both Paul and Marcus. There was a thorough inspection of both the effects of the mice problem we had, as well as the root cause of it. The work was done over three spaced visits to ensure the mice were gone and the drains cemented to prevent future infestations. Great communication from both Paul and Marcus-they always answer the phone or return calls or texts. They made themselves available at short notice when it was needed- one of the traps caught a mouse. The price was exactly as quoted. Excellent service. Would definitely recommend and use again ourselves.

Lisanne Brady

Service: Rodent Extermination, General Pest Inspection

Paul is a superhero! We moved into a new rental and were shocked to find we had rats living out our back garden. (Not contributing rent, I might add!) Paul immediately identified the access point from our sewage system and filled it on the spot. (He even filled some other gaps in the side of the house that might become future access points) He then investigated our drains and cleared all debris the rats had created from digging and applied a one-way rat blocker in the drain to 100% prevent the rats from ever entering the house via that system. Finally rat traps were put around the garden and were checked on a weekly basis diligently until the rat problem was no more.

Paul Griffin

Service: Rodent Extermination

Victor is an absolute beast. Came for a follow-up visit after the initial appointment to address some questions I had at no charge. Very professional and courteous. Highly recommend.

Nouaman Maloley

Service: Hornet & Wasp Extermination


Total Pest Control FAQs

Read through our most frequently asked questions.

What types of pest control services do you offer?

We offer comprehensive pest control services across Dublin, focusing on Rodent Control, Insect Control, Wildlife Management, and Bird Control. Each service is tailored to tackle specific pests with the most effective and humane methods available.

Our rodent control strategy involves a thorough inspection to identify the type and extent of the infestation. We then use a combination of baits, traps, and exclusion techniques to eliminate rodents and prevent future infestations. All our methods are safe for use in homes and commercial properties.

We employ a variety of techniques for insect control, including targeted chemical treatments, heat treatments, and mechanical barriers. The method chosen depends on the type of insect and the severity of the infestation, ensuring that it’s both effective and minimally invasive to your property and health.

Yes, our wildlife management services involve humane trapping and relocation of nuisance wildlife such as foxes, raccoons, and squirrels. We also provide advice and solutions for wildlife-proofing your property to prevent future issues.

We provide a range of bird control services designed to safely deter birds from nesting and roosting in undesirable areas. Options include the installation of spikes, netting, or wires, as well as visual or auditory deterrents, tailored to your specific situation and local regulations.

Absolutely. The safety of your family and pets is our priority. We use environmentally friendly and sustainable methods that are effective against pests but pose minimal risk to humans and animals. We will also provide you with all the necessary information on safety measures to take during and after treatment.

We offer a rapid response service for pest emergencies in Dublin. Our team is available 24/7 to ensure that we can address your pest control needs promptly and effectively.

You can schedule a service by calling us directly or by filling out the contact form on our website. We offer free initial consultations to assess your pest problem and recommend the best course of action.